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Dr. Paul J. Arciero - Founder, Visionary, Chairman, FACSM, FTOS

A Lifetime Of Research

Dr. Paul has been an active, nutrition, exercise physiology and optimal health research-scientist for over 30 years and publishes his findings in peer-reviewed science journals. From his lifetime of study, analysis and research, Dr. Paul has developed a highly specific "lifestyle protocol", the PRISE® Protocol, that incorporates science based information on both performance nutrition and exercise training in a nurturing and caring approach. Achieving "Optimal Health and Improved Performance" can be a lifelong outcome for anyone that follows PRISE® and his proprietary principles of "Protein Pacing® ".

Dr. Paul has advanced degrees in both nutrition and exercise physiology and therefore, fully understands the synergistic effect of both lifestyle strategies to achieve Optimal Health. Dr. Paul presents first-hand knowledge to audiences around the world, and as a result, he is able to help anyone adopt his Protocol to achieve optimal health and performance at any age, status of health, and athletic level. His research-based protocol has helped thousands of people and athletes to achieve optimal health and improved athletic performance.


The PRISE® Protocol

Dr. Paul's PRISE® Protocol - Optimal Health And Performance For Life

Dr. Paul has developed a one-of-a-kind system to cut through all the confusing health, performance, and "body transformation" information that's out there... and provide you with a program that guarantees success. 

Dr. Paul's PRISE® Protocol

  • A Lifestyle Program that you can access anytime 24/7 via the PRISE mobile app.
  • Featuring Dr. Paul's upcoming book on "Protein Pacing℠  and the PRISE® Lifestyle
  • New Weekly Videos and Coaching Tips to Guide You Through Your Journey
  • Exclusive Daily Motivational and Guidance Tips via the app or email
  • Dr. Paul's Protein Pacing℠ Cook Book & Meal Guides
  • Monthly Webinars -provide critical New Information about Health, Wellness, and Optimal Performance

A Lifestyle and Performance Program that includes step-by-step instructions for daily eating (NOT dieting!) and exercise, including proper stretching, relaxation, and recovery.

PRISE will help you make permanent, lasting changes to your lifestyle. He's with YOU every step of the way to ensure that you achieve the results that you desire.    Get Started Today!

Client Success Stories
Dr. Paul's new book.. The Protein Pacing Diet out soon!

Wellness as a Business Strategy

1. Improve the health of all employees and thus reduce financial risk for the organization.
The direct and indirect costs associated with unhealthy employees are significant. Employers pay 50% more per year in health care costs for unhealthy and stressed employees. That’s over $300 billion in stress related costs each year! Absenteeism, employee turnover, insurance premiums, medical costs, and worker’s compensation claims can all lead to significant financial risk and diminished productivity of the aggregate workforce of your organization. Dr. Paul and his team have developed PRISE for Wellness to effectively reduce the financial risks of unhealthy and unmotivated employees which in return will reduce your overall costs and exposure. 

2. Enhance aggregate work performance of individual employees.
Obviously, every organization has a goal of improving the bottom-line. The best way to do that is to increase the productivity of its employees. An organization’s performance improves when the leaders and managers of the organization are “on-board” with developing a culture that supports the employees in becoming “healthier and happier”. We have a program to help your leadership and management teams become more focused and engaged in what matters most in improving workforce performance. 

3. Maximize the ROI on human capital
Improve BOTH the mood state and physical wellness of employees so they can perform at a higher level. 77% of Americans say that they are ‘stressed at work”. Dr. Paul provides the proven scientific solution to improve the mental mood state and the physical wellness of your employees and their families as a whole. The PRISE℠ approach has been scientifically and empirically proven to improve both the mood state and physical condition of employees.

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Dr. Paul's PRISE℠ Protocol for Corporate Wellness