Our Technology


Not Just Science... It's Human Science

 PRISEWell's proprietary technology platform is based on the scientific research of Dr. Paul J. Arciero, (MSc, MSc, FACSM, FTOS).  Over three decades of research, Dr. Paul developed sophisticated algorithms that are embedded in our technology and formulate the PRISE®  Protocol, and based on his proprietary Protein Pacing®  diet plan.  This foundation of scientific research and study is reflected in the lifestyle recommendations and daily guidance provided by PRISE and Protein Pacing which is delivered to our users on any device, anywhere, anytime.  

Our Platform

Individual and Team Wellness and Fitness Challenges


We offer a wide variety of engaging wellness and fitness challenges. Individual and Team based fitness and wellness goals. 

Points or Programs Based Wellness


PRISE® allows users (or employees) to accrue points or create programs to meet wellness objectives or goals . 

Learning Content From Dr. Paul's 30 Years of Research


Plenty of lifestyle and nutrition classes with Dr. Paul and his Coaches to help educate your organization on a variety of subjects. 

Wearables and Trackables


PRISE® is available on any device, anywhere, anytime ( a³ ).  And wearables and trackables will be integrated in the coming months.  

Reporting and Management


A multitude of reports help monitor engagement and effectiveness of programs.

Client Success Stories

Incentives & Rewards


Offer your users an incentive or reward based on healthy behaviors! 

3 Key Components of a Highly Successful Program


1. Evidence-Based

PRISE is scientifically proven to enhance psychological and physiological outcomes.  The first of three key components to deliver the results that are necessary for a successful program. And just what are those results?  Our program can produce happier, healthier employees which are more motivated and productive.


2. Social

Uses the power of social interactions and peer-to-peer motivation to drive positive change and results.    A wellness program must be used to be effective. Many programs have very low adoption, or aren't even used by many employees. The ones that do use it may have very low results. Our program will create positive interactions among your employees that will result in healthier habits, an increased interest in health and wellness, and increased employee happiness. 


3. Accessible

Incorporating the latest technologies in information delivery and communications,  PRISE provides a ubiquitous, 24x7 experience.  We make it easy and fun to participate at work, at home, or while on vacation via our mobile app. Your leadership will quickly see it as a proven business benefit.  The behavioral changes that we help create will be visible and measurable.