PRISE for Wellness


1. Improve the health of all employees and thus reduce financial risk for the organization.

The direct and indirect costs associated with unhealthy employees are significant. Employers pay 50% more per year in health care costs for unhealthy and stressed employees. That’s over $300 billion in stress related costs each year! Absenteeism, employee turnover, insurance premiums, medical costs, and worker’s compensation claims can all lead to significant financial risk and diminished productivity of the aggregate workforce of your organization. Dr. Paul and his team have developed PRISE for Wellness to effectively reduce the financial risks of unhealthy and unmotivated employees which in return will reduce your overall costs and exposure. 

2. Enhance aggregate work performance of individual employees.

Obviously, every organization has a goal of improving the bottom-line. The best way to do that is to increase the productivity of its employees. An organization’s performance improves when the leaders and managers of the organization are “on-board” with developing a culture that supports the employees in becoming “healthier and happier”. We have a program to help your leadership and management teams become more focused and engaged in what matters most in improving workforce performance.  

3. Maximize the ROI on human capital

Improve BOTH the mood state and physical wellness of employees so they can perform at a higher level. 77% of Americans say that they are ‘stressed at work”. Dr. Paul provides the proven scientific solution to improve the mental mood state and the physical wellness of your employees and their families as a whole. The PRISE℠ approach has been scientifically and empirically proven to improve both the mood state and physical condition of employees. 

Biometric Screenings and Participant Management

Blood Draw or Finger Stick

PRISEWell can provide biometric screening onsite as an important part of a health and wellness program. A screening may be conducted at an employer health fair, at a commercial laboratory, at a provider’s office, or at home using a kit. Most employers offer a variety of options to allow all employees, and sometimes spouses, to participate in the screening program.
The results can be used to:

  • Identify participants who would benefit from health coaching
  • Provide validated data for your results-based incentive programs
  • Measure program outcomes over time
  • Help participants make the right health choices

We can combine screening results with our health risk assessment questionnaire data about lifestyle behaviors and health status to provide a detailed assessment of an individual’s health. Our biometric screening includes some body measurements and collection of a small blood sample. The blood sample is collected by a finger stick.  Samples are processed onsite, and the participant can be given immediate feedback. A finger stick is also usually faster than a blood draw and is considered by many participants to be less invasive.

Wellness Screening Measures

The screening measures collected are determined by the goals of your customized health and wellness program and the other characteristics of your employees as a group. 

Body measurements may include:

Height and weight — to calculate body mass index as a measure of obesity

Body fat percentage — an alternative measure of obesity

Waist — a measure of abdominal obesity and an indicator of diabetes risk

Hip — to calculate waist-to-hip ratio, a measure of abdominal obesity

Neck — to calculate sleep apnea risk

Blood pressure — to calculate cardiovascular disease risk

Tests using the blood sample may include:

Lipids (HDL, LDL, total cholesterol, triglycerides) — to calculate cardiovascular disease risk

Blood glucose — to calculate diabetes risk

Cotinine — to detect tobacco use

Participant and Program Management

A big challenge for health and wellness programs is managing the data from all of the different screening sources, then verifying eligibility, consolidating results, managing exceptions, and providing timely feedback to participants. In many cases employers are overwhelmed by the complexity of using screening data for results-based incentive programs. PRISEWell optimizes your investment in biometric screenings via our robust technology that allows targets to be set, reasonable alternatives to be managed, and results to be reported in real time. 


PRISEWell can help your employees find opportunities to improve their well-being every day. Through convenient online and on-demand webinar sessions with Dr. Paul to working with one of his experienced Coaches, a registered nurse (RN).  Our Wellness Coaches can guide a participant through healthy behavior changes by building on their strengths. The program is completely confidential, voluntary for each participant. You, the employer, can decide which options to provide to your employees, and they can make decisions on if and how they'd like to participate and how involved they want to be. All coaching sessions are scheduled at their convenience and on their timeline.

With help from a PRISEWell Wellness Coach your employee can:

  • Better understand and reduce their health risks
  • Get answers to their health questions
  • Find support to gain more control over their health
  • Take small steps to improve their health and fitness
  • Set goals to their optimimal healthy best!

Participant Support

  • Personalized Counseling. A Registered Nurse can review a participants health status, provide answers to questions, discuss health risks, and suggest possible lifestyle changes, while providing support based on the unique needs of a program participant.
  • Educational Materials. Based on conversations between the employee and a Health Coach, additional information can be provided via email or sms message to help a participant better understand current or potential health risks.
  • Support and Encouragement. A Health Coach will stay in touch to help you set or adjust goals, track progress, and encourage along the way.